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Sterling Thermal Technology, also known as Sterling TT, is a UK heat exchanger manufacturer.  Established in 1904, we serve countries around the globe with our high-quality, bespoke heat exchangers.

We design and manufacture equipment to your specifications, from first principles. This includes a wide range of heat exchangers from CACW and CACA coolers to air heaters. Whatever your heat exchanger requirements, talk to your long-standing professional manufacturer and supplier.

We work in collaboration with you to solve your challenges. We act as a technical partner, delivering bespoke solutions, which provide lasting benefits.

While we are a UK-based heat exchanger manufacturer, working with us, you’ll benefit from international expertise and experience. We supply equipment to global brands and small businesses in most industries. That’s how, we know what it takes to supply long-lasting, durable heat exchange solutions. It’s about partnerships.

We have the engineering capabilities you require. Our comprehensive range of products includes compact fin heat exchangers, single tube heat exchangers, extended surface heat exchangers, and shell & tube heat exchangers. All are custom designed and manufactured to meet your needs.

You can view our full range of products and services online. If you have any questions or are ready for a bespoke quotation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to be your heat exchanger partner.

Should you need to refurbish, repair or replace your equipment on a like-for-like basis, we’re also here to help.

By listening to your requirements, understanding the challenges you face, and responding to your needs, we don’t just build durable equipment; we strive to develop long-lasting relationships.

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Sterling Thermal Technology has supplied Komatsu Mining Corp. Group for more than 35 years. We value its team’s flexibility and professionalism. They manufacture heat exchangers to our rigorous specifications allowing us to use them in demanding environments. They always respond proactively to our business needs. So, Sterling Thermal Technology is a valued partner.”

Peter Flannery, Buyer, Komatsu Mining Corp. Group
ABB, Sterling Customer for Heat Exchangers
Brush, Sterling Customer for Heat Exchangers
Chevron, Sterling Customer for Heat Exchangers
EDF Energy, Sterling Customer for Heat Exchangers
Grey logo of Fluid Dynamics, a SterlingTT's client located in Australia
GE, Sterling Customer for Heat Exchangers

About heat exchangers?

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat energy from one medium to another. For example, a gas cooler might be used in a heat recovery system to generate steam or hot thermal oil. A condenser cools down hot gas past its dew point, condensing it into liquid. Different heat exchangers work in different ways, but they always involve the transfer of heat energy.

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Heat exchangers are used in a huge range of industries, manufacturing processes, and the transport of goods.

Types of heat exchanger

There are many different types of heat exchangers, each suited to different purposes and applications. At Sterling Thermal Technology, we specialise in all varieties of heat exchanger manufacturing. If you have a specific requirement, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Some common varieties of heat exchanger include:

Compact fin heat exchangers

This variety of heat exchanger is used in sectors including marine, oil and gas and power generation. They help to save space through a compact design that effectively transfers heat. Find out more about compact heat exchangers.

Single tube heat exchangers

While shell and tube heat exchangers consist of a number of tubes within a shell, a single tube heat exchanger is a more simple design. They’re used in many industries including food and beverages, power generation, chemical, and many others.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

These consist of a number of tubes contained within a cylindrical shell. One fluid flows through the inner tubes, while the other flows around the tubes. Shell and tube heat exchangers are a highly efficient form of heat exchanger.

Ready to partner with industry-leading UK heat exchanger manufacturers? We work with companies around the globe. Get in touch with us today.