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Renewable Energy Applications

Solutions for the sustainable energy industry, for a healthier planet

If renewable energy is going to work, it needs to be efficient. As leading experts in thermal engineering, it would be hard to find a group of people better placed to create efficient heat exchange solutions for renewable energy products.

With innovative thermal technologies, Sterling TT can help bring a sustainable future closer than ever.

Renewable Power

Renewable energy is the future

With the need to reduce carbon emissions while managing increasing electricity demand, there is pressure on countries and energy providers to find alternative solutions to fossil energy. They work on energy systems that clean energy will power. They look into energy that can be produced without burning coal, natural gas, or oil. This energy is also called green energy.

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Our mission for renewable heating and cooling

Can Sterling Thermal Technology contribute to a cleaner planet? The answer is ‘yes’! For decades, we have designed and manufactured bespoke heat exchange solutions for the power generation industry. As renewable power became an increased source of electricity generation, we naturally started a few years ago to help that sector.

Our products and services

Sterling Thermal Technology is committed to producing customised heat exchangers.

  • Conceptual design for heat exchangers
  • Heat exchanger manufacture
  • Aftersales servicing and upgrading



Biomass energy is produced from organic material from plants or animals (such as sewage, wood and ethanol).

Shell and tube heat exchanger being manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology
Shell & tube heat exchanger

Sterling TT products for biomass energy

Geothermal energy 

Geothermal energy uses natural heat from Earth. It may involve digging for pockets for natural steam to drive turbines or digging for hot water.

Heat exchangers are found all along the stream cycle and on generators.

Sterling TT products for geothermal energy

CACW for hydropower applications, designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology
CACW for hydropower applications


Hydropower is also known as hydroelectric power, which is generated by using a dam or a structure that diverts a river’s flow. Turbines and generators convert the energy produced by flowing water into electricity.

Sterling TT products for hydropower

    Nuclear power

    Nuclear fission generates energy through the chemical reaction of uranium or plutonium atoms breaking apart, creating heat. Nuclear energy has some downsides but is a vastly more efficient method than many alternatives.

    Sterling TT products for nuclear energy

    We offer products off the island (the heart of the nuclear power plant.); typically:

    hydrogen coolers for nuclear applications, designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology
    hydrogen coolers

    Electrical generators: they used to be ‘hydrogen’ cooled, and for these situations, we can offer hydrogen coolers, as well as refurbish the existing ones. The more modern designs are air-cooled.

    Wave / tidal energy 

    Wave / tidal energy means generating energy from waves and tides.

    Sterling TT products for wave energy 

    Sterling Thermal Technology's CACW to equip a rotating stabiliser
    CACW to equip a rotating stabiliser

    Wind energy 

    Whether offshore or onshore, wind turbines convert wind energy into power (electricity or mechanical energy) without carbon emissions.

    Sterling TT products for wind energy

        • To cool the generators, we supply our CACW coolers
        • For wind power transmission and distribution, we provide transformer coolers.
        • For wind power conversion (conversion of electrical power into mechanical power), we manufacture motor coolers.

        Power distribution/grid 

        OFAF designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

        The electric grid includes the whole network of facilities that transmit power from a source to our homes and workplaces. It consists of power plants, substations, overhead power lines and local electricity supply.

        Sterling TT products for the power grid

        We help stabilise the grid using transformer coolers, also known as OFAF (oil forced/air forced). We also supply CACW and CACA coolers.

        Your company is involved in renewable energy?

        So, no doubt we can be your partner for the heat exchange element of your green energy solutions. With experience in the power generation industry going back decades, and total commitment to the future sources of power generation, Sterling Thermal Technology is the heat exchange expert you can rely on.

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