Transformer Oil Water Coolers: OFWF

OFWF – Double duty to keep your transformers cool

Our Hygard transformer oil water cooler is an enhanced shell and tube heat exchanger with the added benefit of a double wall arrangement. The OFWF transformer offers integral leak protection for both tube and tube plates and reduces cross-contamination and failures, while providing early detection of faults. The shell and tube design is solid, robust, and versatile.

Key benefits of the OFWF transformers

  • Hyguard - The Sterling Thermal Technology Transformer Oil Water Cooler

    Safe: they isolate the oil from water circuits with a fail-safe detection of circuit damage.

  • Versatile: units are custom-designed and made to match your needs in terms of shape, size and materials. They fit all oil filled transformers and can be built to meet all thermal requirements. The transformer oil water coolers pass all known international industry standards and norms, so you can use them around the world.

  • Robust: our OFWF transformers are made for long life and promise low cost of ownership, even in challenging environments and conditions. Based on the universally accepted shell and tube heat exchanger, our double wall configuration is the pinnacle in safety and reliability for critical equipment. With correct maintenance and cleaning, our coolers usually last 25 years or more.

How transformer oil coolers work

Water-based transformer oil coolers are used in power generation, transmission and distribution industries. The coolers are required to control the temperature of vital equipment when loads and ambient temperatures are high, and where acoustic performance is important.

Power plants use transformers to convert electricity to a high voltage for efficient transportation. Oil is used to cool the transformer windings and dissipate heat, but this oil must itself be cooled and recirculated.

Transformer water coolers offer an efficient and reliable solution. They also play an essential role in controlling the temperature in electrical generation systems. However, it‘s vital that the cooling water does not contaminate the oil, as this could destroy the transformer.

‘Double barrier’ design for the safest operation

Typical shell and tube heat exchangers are externally robust and built to withstand severe conditions. However, even with the most resilient tube material, poor water quality may ultimately cause failure. Our transformer oil coolers have the solution. A double wall cooler, with double tube and tube plates, provides the all-important second barrier to prevent contamination of transformer oil, and provide an early warning of a potential failure.

Transformer oil water cooler- Double tube -Design and manufacture by Sterling Thermal Technology
Double tube

The two barriers separate flows, preventing cross-contamination and subsequent machine failure. If one barrier fails, fluid drains away along a dedicated leak path, allowing the cooler to continue operating while you plan your intervention.

The two surfaces are actively bonded together; this ensures the thermal efficiency of the active areas and introduces leakage path capillaries for detection.

Customised cooler design

We design each cooler individually to meet your thermal, mechanical and physical requirements. We include a thermal margin for fouling and a mechanical margin to give a long service life. In addition, we mitigate against corrosion and erosion through efficient and proactive design. Plus, we use specially selected materials to match the water quality and arrange the tubes to meet thermal and pressure drop requirements.

Our range of coolers for OFWF (Oil Forced, Water Forced) transformers have capacities ranging from 40kW up to 2MW, and can use water from both open and closed circuits.

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We value the added protection that we receive from the double tube design. Not only does it reduce failures, but these coolers even alert us to potential problems in advance. That helps to keep us up and running, which is vital in our industry.

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