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Heat exchangers for the power generation industry for over 45 years

Heat exchangers from Sterling Thermal Technology improve equipment availability across the power generation sector. Our products help to reduce downtime and maintenance requirements. Our innovative technologies also deliver a significant increase in the life expectancy of vital equipment and provide exceptional performance in the toughest environments.

Longer life for vital equipment

Hydrogen cooler for the power generation sector designed and manufacture by Sterling Thermal Technology
Hydrogen cooler

Heat exchange solutions from Sterling Thermal Technology are trusted across the power generation market from nuclear and hydro facilities to gas, coal fired and biomass power stations. As our clients expect at least 20 years’ service from a product, we always give careful consideration to the design, manufacturing methods and material selection to ensure longevity.
Therefore, we supply a range of cost effective heat exchange solutions to key manufacturers and power plant builders. These are designed to a set of construction standards and match the project specific requirements. 

For 'new build' project, our solutions include cooling systems for rotating machines (turbines, motors and generators) and static electrical equipment (transformers and large electrical cubicles). When developing our solutions, we take account of the thermal and mechanical challenges together with other demands such as sound and pollution levels, environmental, seismic and acoustic conditions.

CACA designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

We also deliver a wide range of products direct to power plant operators. These are replacement components for units that have failed or exceeded their product life, upgrades and modernisations. This often means ensuring the part fits within the dimensions of the existing equipment. To achieve this, we have designed specific, highly configurable solutions (such as Elfin) that can replicate almost all active heat exchanger surfaces.

Custom solutions for power generation challenges

Our innovative solutions for the power generation sector include re-manufacturing coolers using Duplex, titanium tubes or tube-plates. This significantly improves corrosion resistance, delivering increased expected service life. Our unique Elfin finned tube block also provides far greater resilience than traditional spiral and wire wound finned tube.

In addition, we offer our Hi-Guard design as an option for use in particularly aggressive environments. Hi-Guard features a double tube leak detection system that helps prevent catastrophic failure of critical electrical equipment.

Rapid response to your maintenance teams

Our highly skilled and flexible workforce respond rapidly to any emergency or maintenance requirements. To eliminate delays and help minimise the effects of machine downtime in hazardous environments, we hold extensive stocks of copper nickel and titanium materials.

Our products
  • Air cooled condensers
  • Avantair
  • Boiler feed pump coolers
  • Condensate coolers
  • De-mineralised water coolers
  • Gas circulating pump oil cooler
  • General service water coolers
  • Generator air coolers (Avantair, CACA, CACW)
  • Heat dump cooler
  • Hydrogen coolers
  • Main turbine lube oil coolers
  • Man access coolers
  • Mill oil coolers; induced draught or forced draught
  • Refrigeration evaporators and condensers
  • Seal oil coolers
  • Steam sample coolers
  • Sub-atmospheric condensers
  • Transformer coolers (OFAF, OFWF)
  • Biomass
  • Coal fired
  • Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT)
  • Gas combined heat and power(CHP)
  • Gas oil/Kerosene
  • Hydro stations
  • Nuclear


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