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Customised heat exchangers

All great products start with an idea. Our expertise? Turning it into reality. Whether you are an SME or a global brand, Sterling Thermal Technology will work closely with you to design your bespoke heat exchangers, according to your requirements.

Once the design is complete, we manufacture your equipment in our UK manufacturing facilities.

Last but not least, should you need to repair, replace, refurbish or maintain your heat exchanger, we are also here to help — even if the equipment was not our design.

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As one of the leading UK heat exchanger suppliers, we are experienced and trusted. Acting as a technical partner to many of the world’s leading businesses, we design and manufacture heat exchangers to custom specifications – from first principles to lasting partnerships.

Our bespoke heat exchanger range includes, but is not limited to:

Our manufacturing facility in Aylesbury have dedicated heat exchanger production lines for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and end-users’ requirements. We manufacture both bespoke and standard designs for new, like-for-like replacement, and enhanced or refurbished units

Our history and expertise

Established in 1904, we have a proven track record of collaborating with global brands and SMEs in over 50 countries.

We are a business with a proud pedigree. Previously known as HEI, Thermo Engineers, Britannia Heat Transfer, Thame Energy Services and Britannia Heatex, we have over 100 years’ continuous experience in the heat exchange industry.

Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of technology. We’ve developed new and pioneering solutions to meet the changing demands and challenges of the global industry.

Our clients include:

Today Sterling TT is the preferred heat exchanger supplier in many of our target markets. We maintain a programme of continual investment in product innovation, manufacturing plant, design software and staff training.

We’ve demonstrated our ability to solve the most complex challenges across all industry sectors; from power generation, renewable energy, oil and gas to defence, chemical and industrial in general, through to marine.

Based in the UK but operating globally, we have a modern and well-equipped heat exchanger factory in Aylesbury. Read more about our history and our facilities below:

Let’s talk

We customise heat exchangers to meet your requirements. Let’s start a conversation  today and you can discover the right equipment for your company.

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Quality & Accreditations

Our manufacturing site in Aylesbury is certified ISO 9001:2015. We ensure you get consistent, good quality products and services.

Design capabilities

Our design department works to:

  • all the usual design codes including ASME VIII, BS5500, API 12, API 560, TEMA and CODAP,
  • the major manufacturing specifications and rules including NORSOK, BV, DNV, Lloyd’s Register and NKK.

‘Read more about the heat exchanger standards that we are familiar with.

Third-party inspection

For both design verification and final inspection, we regularly work hand in hand with third-party inspection authorities such as Lloyds Register, BSI, DNV (Norway), BV (UK), ABS (US) and NKK (Japan).

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Research & Development

When it comes to Research and Development, we have an inclination to think differently and a mission to challenge the status quo to ensure our products are:

  • safe
  • extremely efficient and reliable
  • simple and user-friendly
  • cost-effective.

We connect at different levels with R&D Institutions, Universities, EPCs, Technology (Process) providers and end-users, sharing similar values and beliefs and building long-lasting relationships. We are also committed to working closely with our clients to improve, innovate or adapt our heat exchangers to meet evolving needs and demanding operating conditions.

As a result, we have designed and manufactured heat exchangers, which meet harsh design conditions. This includes high temperatures (over 600°C) and pressures (over 200 barG), and corrosion attack of aggressive fluids. We can also fulfil complex process requirements by chemical processing.

We use both advanced design tools – which include Ansys, Aspen, HTRI and Solidworks – and experimental work to produce industry-leading products. These include but are not limited to:

  • extended surfaces capable of reducing thermal stresses to an acceptable level, which would otherwise cause premature failure of either steam or thermal oil heaters used in dairies for milk powder production or economisers used in waste heat recovery systems;
  • coatings which provide smooth and prolonged operational life of our coolers in an off-shore environment;
  • more complex shell & tube heat exchangers with extended surfaces,
  • improved leak safe solutions.

Our commercial, design, production and marketing teams also actively evaluate new applications for existing proven products, adapting them to suit specific markets.