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At Sterling Thermal Technology, we design, manufacture,  enhance /upgrade and service single tube heat exchangers to suit your needs.

Despite the name, there are many tubes in a single tube heat exchanger. The key difference compared to “double tube”, or “safety tube”, arrangements is that single tube heat exchangers don’t have a second outer tube (or “tube wall”) designed to mitigate leakage from tube failure.

Some applications do not need the backup of an outer tube, and in these scenarios, a single tube heat exchanger is an ideal solution. They are usually more affordable than double tube designs as less material is required for manufacture. When needed, alternative or thicker materials can be used in a single tube heat exchanger, along with improved operating processes such as good water quality.

Sterling TT manufactures heat exchangers for OEM and end-users. We also supply the replacement market and often offer enhancements in durability and performance without changing dimensions or flow conditions.

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With proven expertise in industrial single tube heat exchanger manufacturing, both in the UK and worldwide, we have gained the confidence of large and small businesses., OEM and end-users. We supply single tube heat exchangers across all industry sectors, particularly in the oil and gas, power generation and defence industries.

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