Photo of a man at Sterling Thermal Technology that does maintenance on a heat exchanger

Heat exchanger maintenance guide

Read this guide on heat exchanger maintenance. It includes the procedures and activities involved in maintaining or repairing a heat exchanger. It also mentions when and why it’s needed.
Square collage of coolers and heat exchangers supplied by Sterling Thermal Technology

What is a heat exchanger?

Heat exchangers are used everywhere, from in your home’s central heating to generating electricity, […]
Woman working in engineering

Celebrating the International Women in Engineering Day

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we are keen to support women within our workplace. Last year we recruited Kate, an enthusiastic graduate engineer. We interviewed her about her motivations regarding engineering.
photo of crisps on a plate

Vegetable oil heaters for the snack food industry

Who would like to eat crisps or other snack food with a tainted or burnt flavour? The answer is, no one! So, we offer the manufacturers a proven design for gently heating frying oil.
Photo of Avantair from Sterling TT being installed at the LNG plant Calcasieu Pass

Cooling a generator at The Calcasieu Pass

At Sterling TT, we design and manufacture heat exchange solutions to install on LNG facilities. As power generation is crucial, we help to make sure that there is no disruption.
photo of two graduates, female and male

How we train our graduates

At the beginning of autumn 2020, we recruited two enthusiastic graduate engineers. They are working in the engineering department and are alternating theoretical sessions (design) and practical activities (procurement) to extend their knowledge beyond engineering.