CACW cooler for oil & gas application designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

Our CACW coolers kick off 2024 with impressive momentum

A robust kick-off for our CACW coolers at Sterling TT sets the tone for an impressive start to the year. Once again, our wealth of expertise and experience has captivated our customers, resulting in two (2) multi-million £ contract awards for our CACW coolers for the defence and oil and gas sector. Sterling TT will design and supply manufactured engineered products for Royal Navy frigates and Floating Production Unit use.

Navigating the intricacies of diverse applications, from cooling propulsion engines to cooling generators, our dedicated engineers meticulously evaluated specific operational conditions. These included space, weight constraints and product exposure to corrosive (seawater) environments. Their goal was to tailor our heat exchangers to meet each customer’s unique requirements, optimising the configurations of the coolers for peak efficiency and performance in varied conditions.


In defence applications, where our heat exchangers are used to cool propulsion motors for frigates, destroyers or submarines, our engineers faced the challenge of designing compact, silent units with a particular emphasis on shock resistance. The need to withstand potential explosions during wartime added a degree of complexity to the mechanical design, showcasing the depth of our technical prowess.

Oil and gas

Turning our attention to offshore projects, Sterling TT’s engineers confront the challenge of operating within limited space while adhering to stringent noise regulations due to onboard personnel. Striking a delicate balance between minimising noise levels and ensuring compact designs requires the full spectrum of expertise and experience that defines us as a leading heat exchanger manufacturer.

Olu Baptist, Commercial Director at Sterling Thermal Technology
Olu Baptist, Commercial Director at Sterling Thermal Technology

Expressing pride in the team’s accomplishment, Olu Baptist, our Commercial Director, remarked, “Arriving at a solution based on paying close attention to the customer’s requirement is a non-negotiable foundation. I commend the team for delivering tailored, efficient and cost-effective solutions while consistently providing responsive customer support throughout the entire process.”

This success is a testament to our commitment to excellence in heat exchanger design and manufacturing.

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