Emrah Gozturk signing the multimillion contract that Sterling Thermal Technology won

Supporting our clients in the energy transition journey

Emrah Gozturk signing the multimillion contract that Sterling Thermal Technology won

April marks the starts of a new campaign. At Sterling TT, the month has brought a wind of enthusiasm and positivity. Emrah Gozturk, Sterling TT’s CEO, signed a multimillion-pound contract supporting the energy transition in line with our strategic initiative for renewable energy growth. “We must keep in mind that we need to build a better world to provide a more sustainable future for subsequent generations. Our heat exchangers have longevity; an integral aspect of our product regarding sustainability,” said Emrah.

Sterling TT will supply air-cooled heat exchangers for Hinkley Point C, a nuclear power station with two EPR reactors in Somerset, England. Our heat exchangers will be part of the generators to dissipate the heat gained from cooling consumers. They will equip generators designed to operate if the power station experiences a total black-out. This means, the loss of electrical power, potentially following a seismic event. The generators will provide essential power to support the safe shutdown of the reactor plant.

Due to the nature of the project, our client, a recognised global OEM, required a reputable heat exchanger manufacturer with nuclear experience. Having demonstrated robust technical design and manufacturing know-how, we successfully progressed through the selection process through to contract award. Our strong track record, over decades, of safe and reliable heat exchangers in the nuclear and power generation sectors, was instrumental to instilling client confidence.

The heat exchanger design is of robust construction and high quality. This solution is optimal for applications requiring extended life expectancy.

“I am proud of the Team that worked on this project; it has been a long but successful journey. As a customer-centric organisation, we listened to our clients and worked closely with them to determine the optimal heat exchanger solution to their challenges”, said Emrah at the contract award signing.