Our heat pipe technology at the PowerGen conference

Hamid Kamali, of the Sterling R&D team, presented his paper on the use of heat pipes for motor and generator cooling at the recent PowerGen conference in Amsterdam. The presentation was supported by Brush Electrical Machines, a frequent user of Sterling Thermal Technology products.

A significant number of generator manufacturers attended the conference and were very keen to hear about the recent developments in this direction.

The Sterling branded product for this application, known as AVANTAIR, has been in use for some time but has been reserved for particularly challenging applications such as off-shore facilities or hot, arid environments. The AVANTAIR product outperforms all the traditional solutions as it does not require any significant infrastructure, it is designed as ‘plug and play’ and can operate effectively at very close approach temperatures.

Sterling now hopes to roll out AVANTAIR to a wider audience, offering the solution to displace more traditional methods of cooling. In many instances the high performance of AVANTAIR enables generator designers to reduce the frame size.



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