OFAF (oil forced - air forced) transformer cooler manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

We proved to be a reliable manufacturer of truly robust transformer oil coolers

OFAF (oil forced - air forced) transformer cooler manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology“For this challenging project, the biggest
transformer we have ever developed, we needed to partner with a reliable manufacturer that could supply truly robust transformer oil coolers. Sterling understood our challenges and delivered everything we asked for – transformer oil coolers that fully satisfied our specifications.”
Jean-Claude Brantis, Sourcing and Supply Chain Leader, JST transformateurs

This is how JST Transformateurs perceived Sterling Thermal Technology when we helped keeping a colossal power plant cool in desert conditions.

About JST transformateurs

Dedicated to the transformation of electrical energy for more than 60 years, JST Transformateurs counts among its worldwide customers the biggest names of electricity generation, transmission and distribution, railway transportation, and industrial sectors that have the heaviest energy needs. Based in France, where the transformers are designed and manufactured, JST Transformateurs is divided of 3 activities: Power, Traction and Services.

JST transformateurs’ challenges

The Ghazlan II power plant in Saudi Arabia is the most powerful facility in the Middle East, requiring one of the biggest transformer that JST has ever manufactured. The climate in Saudi presented a wide range of additional challenges, including huge temperature fluctuations, high winds and extremely arid conditions. The project also came with a strict requirement for a low noise solution.

Sterling Thermal Technology’s solution

transformer oil coolers manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology to keep a colossal power plant cool in desert conditionsThe Ghazlan II was designed to deliver a massive 4,000 MW. For this prestigious but challenging project, JST needed to prove its credentials and deliver an outstanding solution that would act as an impressive reference and landmark achievement. The transformer itself was one of the biggest ever developed by JST – weighing 431 tons and delivering 864 MVA –  23/400 kV. JST entrusted on Sterling Thermal Technology to design, manufacture and deliver six oil forced, air forced transformer oil coolers. These were an essential part of the overall project, ensuring optimum operating temperature so the transformer could work at its highest output during extended periods of high ambient temperatures.

The design was based on our established transformer oil cooler, but enhanced to cope with both high ambient temperature (low airflow and high temperature motors); and low ambient temperature (low internal pressure drops for oil pathways for higher viscosity oil conditions). We chose materials and a comprehensive coating system for structural components that would ensure a long life in the arid, hot conditions, and cope with the wide fluctuations in temperature. The design included use of thicker gauge, aluminum alloys for active parts.
We also designed the solution to ensure low maintenance in what is a challengingly remote location. This included removable filters and ‘tough’ fins to facilitate thorough and fast cleaning.

Benefits of our transformer oil coolers

  • Durable and resilient: the materials and coating ensure a robust construction, with the coolers expected to provide long life in a tough climate.
  • Quiet: low speed fans with high swept areas, flat widely spaced fins and smooth airflow act to limit noise. Using the EN 600076-10 standard method of testing, the transformer and cooling system have passed all noise tests comfortably.
  • Effective and efficient cooling: our high-performance fin surfaces deliver more efficient coolers, which require less fan power and generate less noise. The design also achieves full compliance with international standards.

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