Conceptual photo about Sterling Thermal Technology helping the energy industry reducing carbon emissions

Sterling Thermal Technology received a large order from the energy industry

Energy is a crucial resource that drives modern lives. It proved to be critical, especially at the time of a crisis like the planet is going through now.


Conceptual photo about Sterling Thermal Technology helping the energy industry reducing carbon emissionsKeeping a stable supply while focusing on driving greenhouse emissions down is one of the main challenges of the energy industry. So, the industry strives to improve the share of renewables, develop and implement technologies to store energy and increase the amount of lower carbon alternatives. One of the key steps of the global transition to a low carbon economy is seen in increasing the percentage of LNG (liquefied natural gas) in the fuel mix. It keeps driving the emissions down while having a storable source of energy for the continuous energy supply.


In 2019, ExxonMobil and its partner Qatar Petroleum decided to develop the Golden Pass LNG located in Sabine Pass, Texas. Later, Siemens, one of the world’s largest producer of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies, and long-term partner of Sterling Thermal Technology, was awarded to supply the generators. Sterling TT has designed and manufactured heat exchangers for Siemens for decades, helping with efficient and reliable cooling systems for generators used in a multitude of applications. 


From the end of 2019, Sterling TT’s engineers worked to find the best solutions alongside Siemens’ engineers. The dedicated Sterling TT’s Applications team made sure they designed a system that met Siemens’s stringent requirements. The result was a highly efficient and reliable CACA design. A CACA is a closed air circuit air cooled cooler that removes the excess heat generated by rotating equipment (e.g. large electric motors and generators).

During this process, COVID-19 invited itself to the table. But, this pandemic did not stop the Sterling TT’s teams from continuing working hard to support Siemens. They mainly worked remotely using key digital technologies to continue supporting our long-term partner Siemens on their mission to keep the energy sector functional during these challenging times. 

Following this collaboration, we received an order for several CACA to cool the Siemens’ generators that will be installed on the Golden Pass LNG site, which amounts for more than £1 million.

“Sterling Thermal Technology, known for its high-quality products, innovation and technology, is delighted for this very valuable export order from our long-term OEM partner Siemens. We have deep-rooted long-term partnerships in the energy sector and are proudly delivering high added value products as an export-focused SME.” said Emrah Gozturk, the CEO of Sterling Thermal Technology.