Vegetable oil heaters for the snack food industry

Who would like to eat crisps or other snack food with a tainted or burnt flavour? The answer is, no one! So, we offer the manufacturers a proven design for gently heating frying oil.

Cooling a generator at The Calcasieu Pass

At Sterling TT, we design and manufacture heat exchange solutions to install on LNG facilities. As power generation is crucial, we help to make sure that there is no disruption.

How we train our graduates

At the beginning of autumn 2020, we recruited two enthusiastic graduate engineers. They are working in the engineering department and are alternating theoretical sessions (design) and practical activities (procurement) to extend their knowledge beyond engineering.

Supporting the circular economy through innovative technologies

Recycling Technologies has successfully developed its technology to convert waste plastic into Plaxx®, a feedstock for the chemical industry to manufacture new plastic. They engage us to design and manufacture a Beta Plant’s heat exchangers.

An incredible 2020 year!

2020 has been a year with a lot of surprises and challenges. “We had to adapt..." commented Emrah Gozturk, CEO

How we help our clients to reduce their costs

One of our clients had a housing and two CACW elements of an FPSO pump motor that needed to be or refurbished or re-manufactured at a reasonable cost. These were manufactured twenty years ago.

Nic Zeoli joined us as the Engineering Director

Nicola Zeoli has recently joined Sterling Thermal Technology. He is leading the engineering function as Engineering Director. Nic’s blend of technology, people leadership and international culture will make him a great asset to our company.