Sterling Thermal Technology exhibiting at OTC2024

Empowering energy transition – OTC2024

This year, Sterling TT is actively participating in OTC2024, Houston. “We are not just showing up—we want to share how we’re diving headfirst into the heart of today’s energy transition, embracing sustainable solutions with enthusiasm and determination. We eagerly connect with companies using traditional oil and gas sources and those exploring renewable options like hydrogen,” said Dr Olu Baptist, Commercial Director.

Customised heat transfer solutions

We are excited to share ways to enhance equipment selection and process efficiency through tailored heat transfer solutions, ultimately maximising value and optimisation. Because we want OTC2024 to be a platform for mutual growth and learning, we are more than just showcasing our solutions. We are here to learn from our valued customers and other companies to gain deeper insights into industry trends and projects. Together, we can drive the industry forward.

Visit our stand, 1739-G, at the UK Pavilion, and discover how we’re contributing to the evolution of the world’s energy portfolio. Learn about our generator cooling solutions (TEWAC/CACW, TEAAC/CACA cooler, and Avantair), shell and tube heat exchanger, air blast coolers and more.

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has been the premier gathering for energy industry professionals worldwide and still is a key event. It’s an occasion where experts converge to exchange insights, explore innovations, and collaborate on the critical issues shaping the offshore energy landscape.

Connect with our Sterling TT’s experts present at OTC2024

Ahmed Alainiah, Head of Business Development at Sterling Thermal Technology
Ahmed Alainiah, Head of Business Development
Chris Webb, Aftermarket Manager at Sterling Thermal Technology
Chris Webb, Aftermarket Manager
Mile Vujicic, Application Engineering Director at Sterling Thermal Technology
Dr Mile Vujičić, Application Engineering Director
Rafaela Pereira, Applications Engineer at Sterling Thermal Technology
Rafaela Pereira, Applications Engineer
Olu Baptist, Commercial Director at Sterling Thermal Technology
Olu Baptist, Commercial Director

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