photo of two graduates, female and male

How we train our graduates

Sterling TT started its activity more than a century ago. Since 1904, we have acquired several companies, developed new technologies, and regularly introduced ‘young blood’ into our teams. We have a long history, but we are not old.

At the beginning of autumn 2020, we recruited two enthusiastic graduate engineers: Joseph and Kate. Joseph Lynch graduated with a 1st Class MEng (Hons) Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northumbria University in 2018. His final year modules included ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer’ and ‘Advanced Stress and Structural Analyses’. Kate Fennell graduated in 2020 with a 1st Class MEng (Hons) Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Sheffield. Her modules included ‘Heat Transfer and Diffusion’, ‘Finite Element Analysis’ and ‘Failure Analysis’.

Nic Zeoli, Sterling TT’s Engineering Director, is delighted to work with his new staffs. “We value our graduates and believe in them; we ask them to work on real projects. The team guides and supports them. In return, we benefit from new ways of thinking and working” Nic commented. They are currently familiarizing themselves with Sterling TT’s cooling solutions for electrical machines. Then, Joseph and Kate will strengthen their knowledge about other products, including TOC (transformer oil coolers), charge air coolers, and shell and tubes heat exchangers.

Joseph and Kate are working in the engineering department; they are alternating theoretical sessions (design) and practical activities (procurement) to extend their knowledge beyond engineering. For this reason, we will also train them in crucial areas such as quality and sales. Finally, they will get shop floor experience as it is an essential aspect of our development program. Why is it fundamental? Because it enhances our engineering team’s attitude to design for manufacturing.

We asked our graduates about their experience with Sterling TT. “During the first few weeks, I have familiarised myself with the company’s systems and processes. Now, I am over halfway through a 6-month program to improve my drawing office abilities and engineering knowledge; the design office manager and Nic Zeoli are mentoring me. Since I arrived, I have interacted with all the company departments to understand how each person plays her/his role. So far, my time has been productive, and the Sterling TT family has been nothing but supportive to help me progress in the many disciplines required for an engineer,” said Joseph.

Kate was also very positive. She mentioned that “working at Sterling TT is a great experience. I have already learnt a lot, especially about how varied the industry is and some of its challenges. I have helped in various departments, which has allowed me to understand how engineering impacts further down the line. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and experience”.

To conclude, Nic said that “Sterling TT’s main asset is people; our legacy is to leave something to the new generations to continue this fantastic journey. Being a company that sells bespoke heat exchange solutions, we are keen to transfer our know-how.”

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